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France disputes finding of new debris of MH370 on Reunion, to continue flaperon tests and launch new search at Reunion

TOULOUSE: The French and the international team are continuing the investigation of the flaperon, a wing part, suspected to be a part of the missing MH370, found on Reunion island, as they are yet to confirm the debris is of the missing plane. They started the study on Wednesday.

However, the French announced on Friday they are now launching fresh air and sea searches around Reunion. "We have decided to deploy additional aerial and maritime assets to search for potential new debris off Reunion Island," the Defence Ministry said in a statement on its website.

"They (the French) have the authority to do that (to conduct further the verification test on the flaperon) as the debris was found in the French jurisdiction," Malaysian transport minister said on Thursday, who has affirmed the flaperon bears the verification seal too.

They can also claim legal involvement in the investigation as four of their nationals were aboard.

Meanwhile, Frech officials and investigators and the Malaysian Government are at loggerheads over claims of more debris of the missing MH370 Boeing being washed ashore Frech island La Reunin. Malaysia had said on Thursday that more plane parts like seat, door, bags were washed ashore.

Mauritius and Madagascar have now started combing their coastlines for debris from MH370 as the flaperon found on Reunion nearby has raised hope.

Meanwhile, the relatives of MH370 passengers staged a protest in Beijing, shouting, chanting and kneening on the ground. They want to know what happened to the plane.

The Boeing 777, with 239 people on board, was going from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on March 8 last year when it disappeared. Most of the passengers were Chinese.

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